Aging Well

Jennifer Bonn

Age can take a toll on our mind and body, but does it have to be that way, or are there steps we can take to slow the aging process down? The answer to that is a resounding yes. There are proven ways to slow the aging process, and as long as we can practice what we know works instead of making excuses for abusing our bodies, and not stimulating our minds, we can age well.

You may be thinking that the word abuse is too harsh for how you treat your body, but if you are overweight, sedentary, and consistently putting processed, fatty food in your body, you are not taking care of yourself. You can make some changes that will lead you to better health. Here are a few ideas.

Eat color

This is such a simple way to know what food is healthy to eat. Orange sweet potatoes, red and green apples, bright peppers, and many more choices can decorate your plate and fuel your body.

Drink water

We need water to survive, so it makes sense that it will help our health in so many ways. I had a doctor tell me that when I was tired I should drink a glass of water to energize myself. It is also a way to control your eating by drinking a glass of water before meals.


Our bodies were meant to move. Being too sedentary can cause a lack of flexibility, weak muscles, and weight gain. This one is personal to me because I have seen what a sedentary lifestyle can do to a family member. At a time when she should be enjoying retirement, she has difficulty moving and she is struggling with a variety of health concerns related to a lack of movement.

Sleep well

Our sleep affects everything. If we don’t sleep well we suffer from brain fog, feel irritable, and don’t perform well. When we sleep well our health, and our quality of life is better.

Find a community

If you have read the book, The Blue Zones which details why people live to be 100, you know that one of the recommendations is to be part of a community. When we belong to a group we are happier.


Reading not only increases your knowledge it also allows you to escape into a fantasy world and enjoy a good story.

Do what brings you peace

Whatever makes you smile when you do it is what you should do more. I am smiling the whole time when I run, read, and write.


It is hard not to be happy when you are laughing, and laughter is the best way to feel young.

Have a hobby

Find an interest that engages your mind and never feel too old to do something new. I started guitar lessons two years ago and all the other students were very young, but I loved learning to play. Keep your brain stimulated.

Stay positive

Your outlook on life affects your mental health so stay positive.

I hope this list gives you some ideas to stay strong in your older years.

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