Fueling Your Creative Fire

Jennifer Bonn

What does it take to light your creative fire? What do you need to motivate you to create? Are there people in your life who try to extinguish those flames?

The life of a creative can be a roller coaster ride because one minute we can have a million great ideas, and at other times we question whether what we do has value. So with those conflicting feelings, how can you keep the creative fires burning? Here are a few ideas and observations.

Remember your why

Ask yourself why you want to create whatever your art form is. Do you need to create it to express yourself? As a writer, I have specific ideas that keep coming back and percolating in my brain until I write them out. Do you use your art to help others? All the art forms are healing both for the artist and the artist’s audience. Do you like the idea of a creative lifestyle? I always thought it would be amazing to create, but when it worked for me instead of working 9-5. I’m sure there are many other answers just keep your answer in view.

Document your success

On the rough days when you question your ability, it helps to have some proof that your art has made a difference. Keep notes from people who have let you know your creative talent has made a difference in your life. Have that documentation accessible so you can prove to yourself that you need to keep on creating.

See haters for who they are

Haters are looking for attention and they love drama. They are not interested in giving you a valid critique of your work that might help you grow your craft. If you engage with a hater and allow your emotions to run the show, you are fueling the hater’s fire, not yours.

Guard your energy

Where do you want to expend your energy? Decide how to answer this by deciding what brings you joy and what will fill your needs either financially or creatively.

After my third book was published I started to receive requests to come talk about writing and publishing. Opportunities like this can be one more way to put your name out there, it can be a way to serve your community, but it is also a time sucker. Ask yourself if it is worth it to do an event for free when you could have been creating.

Know Your Value,

When I first started writing I read some advice that said every writer needs to create a writer’s footprint which means that you need to get your work published, so publishers can find you. This can mean doing work for free. I agree that if you want to build a portfolio doing work for free can be an easy way to do it, but at a certain point, you need to realize what your work is worth and say no to work without payment.

Don’t let the non-believers stop you

I have a close family member who thinks I am just playing with my writing. He makes depreciating comments that tell me he doesn’t take my writing seriously. This actually makes me want to work harder to be successful. I am going to prove I can make my dream a reality. If this sounds familiar to you keep moving forward.

Have fun

Nothing motivates me more than the feeling of excitement when I start a new project. Have fun with your creations.

In this day and age, we need inspiration and creativity. You can make a difference so keep moving forward.

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