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Most of my intriguing ideas to write about come at bizarre times. I was giving my grandson a bath today after he managed to cover himself from head to toe with dirt while playing outside. I was looking around the room, and I started to think, “If someone came into my house they would immediately assume….” I think it might be fun for everyone to imagine how you would answer the following questions. Feel free to share your answers with me. Post this on social media to see what your friends answer.

If a stranger entered your house and had a chance to wander around how do you think he or she would answer the following questions? I will give you my answers to give you some ideas.

According to the items found in your home, what could he assume about you? Can you imagine possible assumptions that would be wrong based on an item that might be misleading?

If anyone wanted to know more about me my office would give a lot about me away. There is a mini library with a wide variety of books, so it’s easy to see I love to read. You can tell I’m either a writer or a journal hoarder because I have at least 50 journals. I love flowers because there are several bouquets on my desk. There are 5 candles, so I enjoy aromatherapy. I am a believer because there are two tiny angel statues and a rosary of my patron saint. There are windchimes and hourglasses, so I like to fiddle with things. I love family and animals because there are photos of them everywhere. You can see I love to run from the medals and trophies.

A false assumption from my office would be to interpret the clutter as disorganization. I enjoy being surrounded by all the things I love, and I like a little chaos. It would also be false to assume I am a master gardener. There are beautiful plants in my sunroom, but I have been very lucky that they have done so well.

If you wandered further into my house you would discover that I am not the best housekeeper. There are dog prints on the windows, and cat hair on the cat sofa.

What would he wish he had of yours?

I don’t have anything of great monetary value, but I think he would want my dog as well as the couch in the sunroom. It is an unbelievably comfortable couch in the perfect location to take a nap during the rain.

What would you not want someone to see?

The obvious answer would be any financial information, but beyond that, I don’t like people to see our cellar because it has become the spot where we put everything that is no longer useful. It is a mess.

What might scare him?

We have had house sitters tell us our house is haunted. They heard strange noises and voices. Our last dog would look at the air and growl as if someone was there, and then stop as if the person had left. I have also smelled a distinctive perfume that was not mine.

What would he take a picture of?

He would take a picture of the beautiful garden my husband made for me.

What would he admire about you?

Maybe all the trophies and medals for running and karate. They represent a lot of hard work.

What might he find fault with you?

I never think my house is clean enough, and he might laugh at the fact that I still keep a paper calendar with everything I need to do.

I hope you had fun with this. What else could someone find out about you by walking through your house?

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