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Many of us are caught up in our daily routines and we forget the importance of reflection as a way to do a self-check. Once in a while we should stop and ask ourselves some basic questions. Here are a few of the more important ones.

How is your mental health?

Sometimes it feels as if we are only trying to survive. We don’t have time to think about how we are doing mentally. It’s a good idea to do a self-checkup now and then. What is your stress level? If it’s high that can affect your health, find an outlet to release the stress, or delegate some of your tasks to others. Are you happy? If your answer is no you can do something about it. Make a list of what is making you feel down and brainstorm an action plan to change the situation. Are you working in a toxic environment? In a toxic relationship? Make changes and your mental health will hopefully improve.

How is your physical health?

I know so many people who take care of themselves last, but if you aren’t healthy how can you be there for others? Eating well, sleeping enough, and moving in some form will all influence your overall health. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Find an exercise that you will do consistently. Eat colorful food and stay away from most white foods. (cauliflower is great though) Put away the screens and sleep well.

How is your work/home balance?

After 40 years of teaching, I wish I had put family first more than I did. When you retire your company will continue without you, but hopefully, your family will still be there, so invest your time in the right spots.

Whose needs are you meeting?

I did not realize how much my family needed me home until I retired. My daughter in college needed to talk about life, use me as an essay editor and judge outfit choices, my oldest wanted me to watch her baby, talk about everything, and laugh with her, and my husband likes knowing I am in the house. I make sure I have plenty of time to do the things I need to do as well.

What are your goals and expectations?

What are you hoping to achieve and how are you going to do it? Make some goals and keep adjusting them to fit changes.

How is your spiritual life?

Spiritual doesn’t always mean religious, but a connection to something spiritual can bring you peace. You can have a spiritual connection to God, nature, and the universe, and I’m sure there are other examples.

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