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Jennifer Bonn

I spend too much time thinking about what I have to do next instead of savoring the moment I’m in at the time. I wonder if it comes from having too many things on my plate and trying to juggle them all. Do you ever focus on the activities you need to do later and miss out on important moments because you aren’t completely present?

Lately, I’ve been trying to stay present at the moment and enjoy
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interactions with family and friends instead of being distracted by what will come later.

What might you enjoy more in life if you focus more on being present? What might you savor more? Here are a few ideas.

Your food

Are you so busy that you rush through a meal without actually tasting it? Do you grab anything without thinking so you can eliminate hunger? Food is one of the great pleasures in life, and it’s our fuel, so it’s responsible for our health and productivity. Spend some time planning what you will eat and enjoy the tastes. Eat slowly and enjoy all the different flavors.


I didn’t realize how much my family needed me until I retired. Suddenly, I had more time to help my youngest with her college work, my oldest could call every day and share her day with me, and my husband wanted to talk about his work day. Set aside family time whether it is eating meals together, playing games, or finding a time that is just for the family.


There is something about being outside for me that is healing. There is so much beauty and I feel a sense of calm.


Most of us do not rest well. Do you feel guilty if you take a nap? Studies have proven that we are more productive and healthier when we take time to recharge.

What else do you need to savor more? Reflect on where your priorities and interests are and be intentional about giving those things your focus.

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