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Jennifer Bonn

I love to write and It has always been my idea of the dream job, but I could never figure out how to make it profitable enough to do it full-time instead of teaching. I remember wondering where did I start to find success and how could I carve out the time.

Since I retired I have learned so much about writing and marketing myself. I used to think the most important thing I could do was to create content, but if no one is reading the content it is useless. I have put together the following tips that I hope will help you on your journey as a writer.

Know who you are.

It took me many years to figure out what kind of writer I was. I kept trying to go where the money was, but it wasn’t the type of writing I wanted to do. I am finally at a spot where I write pieces that I hope will help people and I also write about my passions which include writing, reading, running, and animals. When you can answer who are you as a writer it will make everything seem clearer.

why are you unique?

What makes your writing special? Why should I take the time to read it? How can you help others with what you have written?

Become an expert.

Usually, when you are passionate about something you are knowledgeable about it. I know a lot about running because I am an avid runner myself and I love encouraging others to pick it up as a sport. What can you talk about like an expert?

Create a plan.

Make a plan for how you are going to make writing work for you. Do you want to make money as a writer, or do you only want to see your articles published? Do you have some ideas and goals to get where you want to be?

Have a portfolio/blog.

When you write for publications they may want to see clips of your works or they want to see your blog or website. They may love your article or book, but they also may want to know some more about you. A blog is very useful to engage readers. There are lots of options out there so shop around. You can see mine at

Have a page with your info.

When you write a book this is called your sell sheet and it has information about links where readers can access your book. It is a good idea to do this for all or some of your work in case you need to show a publisher what you have done or to publish on social media for exposure.

Create a writer’s footprint.

When someone googles your name you want to have enough content out there that some of your articles come up. I had written over 80 articles for our local paper, so my youngest said, “Mom, I googled your name and you came up as news!”

Your local media is always looking for writers, so consider writing a few articles for free to get your name out there and look for online platforms for writers.

Master social media

I use Linked In, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest, but you have other choices. Social media is a huge way to market your writing. When you write an article, send the link to your social media accounts. Talk about your writing and include links where readers can access it.

Use the profiles in your accounts to attract readers.

Build a presence by engaging with readers and giving them relatable content.

Seek a mentor.

Find someone who is successful and ask for help. A mentor can help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

Have a growth mindset.

I still have so much to learn about writing but I am willing to learn new things and I love trying new ways to make my writing more accessible.

Serve others.

The average reader is looking for information, help, inspiration, or all three. Write content that is going to serve your readers in some way.

Be patient.

Of all the advice I have heard I hear this the most and it is probably the best advice to give. Most writing success comes slowly as you grow and build your followers. Don’t give up because you never know when something wonderful will happen in your writing life.
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