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You are not alone if you are often confused about how to achieve your fitness goals. There is so much conflicting information about both exercise and nutrition, and to be fit those two things have to coexist.

What does your body need?

One size does not fit all. Spend time getting in touch with your body and reflecting on what you need to improve and how. When are you able to exercise the best? I have the most energy in the morning and it is the only time I can devote to exercise. What works for you?

What are your goals? Do you need to eat for energy? Do you want to lose weight, tone up, and be heart-healthy? Once you have a why you can tailor your routine around it.

Ask questions from people you consider to be fit and piece together the advice that works for you.

Find an exercise routine you enjoy.

Becoming fit does not have to be unpleasant. If you want a social experience, join some exercise classes, or start going to events. If you would rather exercise by yourself find something that will offer you some peace and quiet.

Be consistent.

The real secret to fitness is to be consistent with what you do to stay that way. Exercise, rest enough, and eat well, but be committed to doing it on a regular basis.

Change it up.

Revamp what you are doing every once in a while because your body needs to be bounced out of a routine every now and then for you to continue to see improvements.

Control portions

You can almost eat anything you want, but don’t eat too much of anything. Keep the portion size reasonable.

Don’t buy food you overeat.

There are certain foods I don’t buy because I cannot control how much I eat them. Those include pretzels and French onion dip, and frosted animal crackers. What are the foods that you love?

Fuel your body well.

You have to find what food your body needs. Experiment with what helps with your energy, and what makes you feel the best.

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