Massage, Pampering or Protection?

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I used to think that massage was something reserved for a trip to a spa. That opinion changed when I seriously injured my calf muscle in karate class. My chiropractor had a massage therapist and I had to go to several sessions every week as part of my therapy. During my first visit, a tiny woman came into the room and introduced herself, and told me that she would be doing a deep tissue massage on my calf muscle. She warned me it was going to hurt because the muscle was so tight. I thought she was exaggerating but the initial few minutes were uncomfortable, but I knew it was necessary for the healing. Lisa suggested that I drink a lot of water after each session. She also encouraged me to come for a regular massage so I could see that normal massages were actually pleasant.

I continued to go for massages even after my calf muscle healed. As an avid runner and a teacher, my body takes a beating. Massage has helped me stay healthy and I now see it as protection for my body and not just pampering. The Mayo Clinic supports my opinion by listing the positive benefits of some medical conditions and situations.

· Reducing stress

· Increasing relaxation

· Reducing pain and muscle soreness

· Improving circulation, energy, and alertness

· Lowering heart rate and blood pressure

· Anxiety

· Sports injuries

· Upper back and neck pain

Massage may not be appropriate if you have bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication, burns or healing wounds, deep vein thrombosis, infections, broken bones, or severe osteoporosis.

Ask your doctor for recommendations for a massage therapist and don’t be afraid to ask to see credentials, and ask about training. Find out the cost before you go.

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