When Is it Time for Another Pet?

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Bringing a new pet into your house can be tricky because the chances are good you will have the animal for a long time and you want it to be a good fit because the animal will be a part of your family. There are a few questions you might want to ask before you add a new animal to your household.

Can you afford another animal?

Animals are expensive. You have to buy food, treats, and toys. Vet bills can be huge, and medicine is costly too. Be honest about whether you have enough money in your budget for another animal.

Is the timing right?

If you have just lost an animal your family may need time to grieve. If you are going through a huge change like a move or job change, you might want to wait until your life is calmer.

Will your other animals be happy with a new addition?

Some animals are better as solitary pets. We had a dog who did not like anyone else receiving attention. She would not have tolerated another dog.

Is the whole family in agreement?

If everyone is going to interact with the new pet everyone should have some input about whether to get it or not.

What type of animal is the best fit?

If you live in an apartment and you don’t have much green space around you to exercise the dog, a breed like a border collie would be a bad fit. Research different breeds and examine your lifestyle needs.

Who will be taking care of the animal?

Establish before you bring in a new animal who will be responsible for the care.

Do you have room for another animal?

Be realistic about how much space you can offer a new animal.

Do you have the time for another animal?

Animals need attention which means they need your time and attention. It isn't fair to an animal if you don't have any time to spend with it.

Will a new animal add to your stress or your happiness?

This is probably the most critical question. When you think about having a new animal do you start to think about all the added responsibilities, or does it bring you a sense of peace when you think of a new addition to your family?

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