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I understand that using my computer to write is a timesaver, but I still love sitting with a great journal and a set of pens to create my first draft. I love the feel of suede and leather, or the look of a colorful handcrafted one. My family doesn’t understand why I have so many, and they definitely don’t understand why I head straight to the journal section in a bookstore. They always ask me why I want another one when I have so many.

Journals can be used for so much more than writing articles. Here are a few ways you can use yours.


When you go on an amazing trip there will be some memories you will never forget, but there are other important ones you will forget if you don’t write them down. Insert pictures from the trip and use them to help you remember.

Chronicle a life.

When each of my children and my grandson were born I started a journal to talk about their lives. I included pictures for each phase. When they turn 18 they are given the book. I didn’t realize that it would be as much a present to me as it was to them. There are so many special times that I would have forgotten if I had not written in the journal throughout their lives.

Express emotions

Journals are a great way to express your feelings. You can write whatever you want without worrying about hurting feelings or having to watch your words. Writing is an excellent way to release emotions that may be building inside you.


I carry a smaller journal in my purse to write down thoughts or pieces of information I need to remember like dates, names, and numbers. I also write down to-do lists or thoughts I don’t want to forget.

Track progress

Journals can be used to track progress for everything from your running program to learning the guitar. It is always encouraging to see improvements and writing them down will allow you to track your progress.


Of course, they can be used to write your articles and stories. I have a very ornate one with a gold clasp that I am using to write a romance, a midnight blue one that I used for a children’s book, and a sunshine yellow one that has my running book inside.

I hope if you share my love of journals you will explore the possibilities of how they can be used, and I will look for you in my favorite section of the bookstore.

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