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Jennifer Bonn

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We all have those days when we are not quite ourselves. We might be a little down, listening to the negative voices in our heads saying we are less than others. We might be cranky or feeling discouraged. These are the moments when we need emotional triage. We need something to let us know those negative voices are wrong, because we are phenomenal, and the world needs us. So how do we bounce back? Here are a few ideas.

Save the positives.

Whenever someone sends you a kind note, save it in a folder. When someone compliments you write it down and put it in the folder. You can title the folder, words are powerful because when you have a day when you are feeling depressed you can pull out the positive comments and let them fill you up.

Write affirmations.

I was at a school where the administration posted affirmation notes everywhere for the faculty. There were post-it notes that said, “We appreciate you.”, “You’re all that and a bag of chips.”, “You matter.” They have an impact on you when you read them. Put those notes around your house on your mirrors and doors.

Do something you love every day.

Carve some time out of every day to do whatever you love to do. The anticipation of doing it will lift your mood.


It’s hard to stay down long when you are laughing. Listen to your favorite comedian, watch funny cat videos, or call the person who is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Take action.

It’s possible to be sad for no reason, but if there is a reason, what can you do about it? Take action and turn that negative into a positive. Make some goals to boost your motivation and mood.

Focus on your gratitude.

Most of the time when I start beating myself up for something it is because of something silly. I need to start listing all the positives in my life to conquer the negative voices.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Positivity and negativity are both contagious, but I choose to be around positivity because the side effects are easier to take.

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