Making changes/Breaking out of a rut

Jennifer Bonn

Most of us are so busy that it is easy to fall into the same routine every day without even realizing that this routine has become a rut. Although our daily routine makes life easier because we can move from one activity to the next without much thought, doing the same thing for too long can limit us.

Take your exercise routine as an example. If you do the same exercises every day your body will become used to the routine and you will not see as many improvements. You have to jump-start your body by doing different exercises.

The same is true with your diet. Your body will respond better if you eat a variety of foods instead of the same thing every day. The more variety you have the more chance you have to have more benefits from what you are eating.

Doing different things can provide a refresh for both your body and mind. Changes can stimulate your brain, and you will be more motivated when you see new possibilities. It has been proven that when you learn something new, it can keep your mind strong.

Step out of your comfort zone and do something you have always wanted to try, but didn’t think was possible. I have always wanted to play the guitar, but I didn’t think I could do it. I found a very patient guitar teacher who let me learn at my pace, and although I have a lot to learn, I can play a few songs. My other leap out of my comfort zone was when I tried my first ultra-marathon. Have you ever convinced yourself to do something hard, and then waited for someone to tell you that you didn’t belong? That’s how I felt at my first ultra. The people around me were talking about the other ultras they had done, and the races had names like The Snakebite 100 miler. I was so nervous that I couldn’t do as well as the other runners, but as the hours passed I enjoyed some inspirational company, and although I was exhausted at the end, I survived.

Health changes can help us as well. I was in a running rut, and I was running too much and not doing anything else. I now am running lower mileage, doing cross-training, and strength training, and I feel so much better.
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