"Opinion" Is medicine helpful or harmful for us?

Jennifer Bonn

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For most of my life, I have been the type of person who always followed the doctor’s orders. If a doctor prescribed me a medication I would have taken it without question. As I have gotten older though, I have lost faith in traditional medicine.

When did we decide that medication regardless of side effects is the best way to stay healthy? Have you listened to the television ads for drugs to solve every possible problem you might have? The issue I have is that the side effects of these drugs are often worse than the original problem you had.

I had several situations recently where the response from my doctors left me disappointed. I called my cardiologist with a concern about my heart skipping a beat. The nurse’s response was that she would ask the doctor if I could increase my medication. I replied that I wanted to find the cause not mask the problem with more medication. I went to an electro cardiologist who told me he could put me on some stronger medications. I told him I wasn’t interested. During this time, I had to go to an orthopedist for a torn meniscus, and because I enjoy being active I was asking questions about what I could do without hurting the knee. He said, “Are you asking me to prescribe you something for the pain?” I was surprised by this question, and I replied, “No, I’m only asking for your advice.”

Medical staff is so used to people being on multiple medications they are always surprised when you tell them you are not taking anything. I had a nurse ask me three times if I was sure I wasn’t taking any medications.

When we were in Paris for our fortieth anniversary, we saw a demonstration. The banner asked, “Where did the whistleblowers go?” I asked one of the women what the protest was about and she told me that there have been many studies done that prove that traditional medications are harmful to us, but these studies are pushed away because the drug makers are making so much money. Being sick is filling many people’s pockets while we become sicker.

Everyone has to make his own health choices. Mine include putting down the pills, eating healthy, exercising, and exploring a more holistic approach to my well-being.

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