The domino effect

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Have you ever noticed that people often copy the actions of others? I might hold the door open for someone coming out behind me, and then I see several other people do the same thing. It also happens with acts of kindness. I paid for a man’s breakfast at Mcdonald's, and he paid for the woman behind him. This is called a domino effect, which happens when a type of behavior activates a chain reaction. It’s as if we only need a small reminder to do something good, to treat each other with kindness and respect.

The domino effect can also have an impact on our personal lives. One action we take can cause another one to happen. An example would be if I make a commitment to eat better, I will start to feel better which can help me be more focused and productive. One action can cause other positive ones to occur which causes the domino effect.

Goldilocks is an example of a negative domino effect. Goldilocks enters a cottage in the woods that belongs to three bears. She makes a series of decisions that lead to other decisions that all have negative consequences. The same thing can happen in life. Our choices will lead to consequences caused by those choices, so it makes sense to head down the positive path so our domino effect can reap benefits for us.

We can see the domino effect on a global scale as well. When a woman was arrested in Iran and died in captivity, it began a domino effect. More and more people have been rebelling against the treatment of women. It took an action to cause a reaction that could be a catalyst for change.

Imagine that you can make a powerful change with one action whether that is holding open a door, saying thank you, fighting for social change, or making a change in your life. One action that can affect so much. Isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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