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What are the things in your life that make you excited and motivated to achieve some goals? Is there something that always works to push you out of a routine rut, or a mental funk? Here are a few ideas that work for me to inspire me and give me positive motivation.


I love listening to good music, and it has always been able to help motivate me. It’s hard to stay still when some heart-pumping beats are playing. I love watching my 15-month-old grandson when music comes on and he does his version of dancing. He shows me that music has the power to make you move physically and to move you emotionally.

Changing my perspective

Have you ever woken up in a mood for no reason? I always tell my children and students that you can turn your mood around because you are the one in charge of whether you have a bad day or a good one. Unpleasant things can happen, but you have the choice about how to respond. Motivation is difficult when you are negative.


My husband has a child’s laughter as his phone ringtone. When it goes off in public everyone around us smiles. Laughter lifts your mood and makes everything seem better.

A fun activity

When I know that I am going to do something fun that day I feel more motivated and energized.

Making new goals

If you feel as if you are in a routine rut, sit down and make some new goals. When you have some fresh ideas to improve yourself, you will be more motivated.

A run

When I am feeling sluggish, going for a run clears my brain, and makes me feel more motivated. You can substitute a different activity for the run. It only has to be something to get you moving.

Good food

I love food and consider it one of the greatest pleasures in life. It definitely motivates me when I know an amazing meal is going to happen.

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