Resolving negative energy

Jennifer Bonn

Have you ever noticed how much stress negative energy causes? It’s like a magnet that keeps attracting you back into the web of misery. If you need proof of this statement, think of a situation that upset you in some way. It could have been an interaction with someone, it could have been something you perceived as a failure, or it could simply be something that was said that is causing you stress. How often do you think about it? Are you not sleeping well because of it? Chances are this negative energy will continue to wreak havoc on you until you can resolve it.

Resolution can happen in a variety of ways, but no matter what you do, you have to release the energy whether you do that through forgiveness, understanding, or finding a resolution through communication.

Several years ago, I discovered that a woman who I thought was a good friend was very toxic to me. My family repeatedly tried to tell me that she was a liar, a manipulator, and only interested in herself. I didn’t see it until she showed me her true colors. I was devastated, and it took me several years before I stopped carrying around all that negative energy.

I had not planned the resolution. It happened at a 5k run where my former friend showed up. We had seen each other at other races, and although we were civil to each other, we did not go beyond that. I did realize though that she always knew exactly what my finishing time was, so she sent a clear message that being competitive with me was important to her. On resolution morning, we said hello, and I realized I was tired of carrying the toxicity, and I was going to let it go. We had a half mile left in the run when she was suddenly next to me. I said, “Good job!” then I stopped running and let her go by. It was such an incredible feeling of peace because in my mind I was telling her that I was moving on, and she would have to engage in drama by herself. The negative energy does not have a hold on me anymore.

Most of us have toxic people or situations in our lives, but life is too short to be carrying around all that stress. Let it go in whatever way you can, and invite in joy instead.
Jen Bonn

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