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Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

Have you ever been discouraged when you were not invited to a certain party, or not included in a lunch with colleagues? Have you been trying to figure out why an immediate family member does not want to spend time with you? Do you feel guilty about the salary you expect? The answers to all of these and more involve your self-worth, and the strength or weakness of your self-worth will affect everything in your life. You should accept yourself for who you are, see your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. You deserve to be valued. Let me give you a few examples.

Your time

Your time is precious and should be valued. Although you have to extend grace when something unavoidable happens when someone shows up to a meeting or a visit later than it was arranged, that person is disrespecting your time and it is o.k. to bring that to someone’s attention.

Value your own time by prioritizing your day in a way that benefits you the most and helps you to accomplish your goals and responsibilities.

Value yourself enough to use some of that time for self-care.

Your presence

You don’t have to convince anyone that you are worth being with. Sometimes you can have more fun alone and be happy than feeling as if you coerced someone to spend time with you. I have a close family member who has turned down family invitations for the last two years. Until recently, it has hurt me and I have tried to understand the reason, but I have finally decided that he can choose to spend time with us or not, and although I will continue to love him, I am not going to try to convince him to do it.

Your affection

You are who you are, and people need to accept you and love you that way or find someone else who they prefer to be around. Don’t worry how many people think you are a rock star. One good friend is enough.

Your worth in money

If you deliver quality work you deserve to be paid for it. There are businesses that are trying to pay as little as possible for a service, so don’t settle for less than the standard rate for what you do.

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