Debbie Bzdyl and the power of art

Jennifer Bonn
"With Each New Day" is a series Debbie is working on now. It is titled "On The Edge Of Morning."Debbie Bzdyl

On a recent trip to Paris, I met Debbie Bzdyl. Debbie is an award-winning abstract artist, working in acrylic and mixed media. Her artwork is in private and public collections throughout the United States.
Debbie Bzdyl

I met her and her husband Don in the tiny breakfast room in our hotel as we enjoyed croissants and French coffee. Have you ever met someone with who you instantly felt as if you were friends? That’s how I felt about Debbie. She had a calm, happy air about her. I think you could describe her as spiritual. As we talked, she told us she was an artist. It was fun to see the passion she felt for her art, and I had to know more. Here is what I discovered about Debbie.

Debbie knew from an early age that she had to create art. She was in trouble more than once for using the blank walls in her house as her crayon canvas. Art has helped her through difficult times, and it is her outlet to express what she sees and feels. During her time at Clemson, she became interested in graphic design. In 1987, she was hired by the Office of Professional Development at Clemson to begin their new in-house marketing. She also began doing freelance work. She began her own business in 1992 until she sold it in December 2013. She switched to abstract art because she says, “I love creating a story without being tied to the observational subject matter.”

Debbie likes to use the theme of the passage of time in her work. “My inspiration comes from being fascinated by the transformation and changes that come with the passing of time: how humankind and the universe are always in a state of flux, a state of growth, a state of becoming something new.” She also describes her art in this quote. "Most of my paintings are inspired by the themes of transformation, rebirth, and renewal. From the wonder and mystery of our universe to our own personal journeys as we grow, change and reinvent ourselves, these are the things that fill me with awe and keep me coming back to the canvas." — Debbie Bzdyl

When I look at Debbie’s paintings, I feel the same sense of spirituality and calm that I sense in her. She says, “People often tell me my work has a spiritual quality that speaks to them and draws them in. The true success of my work is when I can make this deep, emotional connection with my viewers and collectors to help them see our world in a beautiful, fresh, and exciting way.”

Here is an example of the many testimonials from Debbie’s customers. “Exploring Debbie’s work is a transcendent experience. I have observed professional artists, art enthusiasts, visitors- and my very representational-leaning aunt being captivated by the expansive spiritual galaxies she creates. You can’t help but find yourself totally immersed in the atmosphere of each painting.
Debbie is a true master of the acrylic medium as evidenced by her consistent quality, depth of experience, and commitment to a personal journey that is reflected on every canvas.
I am always thrilled to see her entering the gallery, painting in hand, because I know, whatever I am about to see will be excellent.”
Melody Davis
Gateway Arts Center
Westminster, SC

This is an example of Debbie’s work titled, "Artemis: Goddess Of The Wilderness." It is the second in the "Gods & Goddesses" series. It is 48 x 30 x 1.5, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. It is on her website and available through Venvi Art Gallery in Tallahassee, FL.
Debbie Bzdyl

Debbie says, “I've always been fascinated by ancient cultures, especially the Greek myths. Depicting these deities using abstract compositions is my way of bringing the spirit of classical myth into the twenty-first century.”

More of Debbie’s work and information can be found on her website.

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