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Have you ever dreamt about a deceased family member appearing and giving you a message? Many years ago, my cousin was in an abusive relationship. When she broke it off with him, he killed both her and him. My sister and my cousin were very close, and they even looked identical. We were all devastated by what happened, and my sister was blaming herself, saying she should have told her to leave him sooner or protect herself. Several days after my cousin died, my sister was at work and she felt an overwhelming wave of fatigue. She put her head on her arms on the desk, and before she fell asleep, she said she felt someone put a hand on her head. As she was sleeping, she saw her cousin standing in front of her. She was smiling as she told my sister that what happened wasn’t her fault, and she was o.k. where she was. She told her to remember all the fun they had together instead of mourning her. When she told us the story, she said it was odd because she had never fallen asleep at her desk before.

Last night, I had a dream where my godfather Jimmie visited me. In the dream, I had missed his funeral and I was very upset. I was in a building where I worked, but it didn’t look like any place I had ever worked. I went out to the parking lot, and my godfather Jimmie was standing there waiting for me. My godparents were wonderful. They were kind and funny, and they were always so loving toward me. Jimmy was smiling at me, and he said, “It’s going to be o.k. Jen. You have some good times coming.” I should add that I went to bed having a small pity party because my whole body decided to have issues at once, and there have been lots of doctor’s visits. Uncle Jimmie hugged me, I looked down at my phone and he was gone. When I woke up, I felt like I had been wrapped up in love.

Dr. Alejandra Vasquez says the following in her article, What to Do When Deceased Loved Ones Visit in Your Dreams, “Visitation dreams are known to help you cope with your grief, loss, and sorrow. They are dreams of a deceased loved one that is so vivid that you confuse them for a visit from their ghost or spirit. Science has yet to quantify these dreams and attributes them to issues related to brain chemistry and derailed sleep cycles.

Because science has no explanation, and religious and spiritual texts only refer to them in unverifiable parables, the medical community has not taken these types of dreams seriously. Medicine generally discounts these types of ideas, and the industry leaves it up to the parapsychologists and ghost hunters to give them a paranormal meaning.”

Who knows if these are messages from loved ones or only the odd machinations of our minds in sleep, but if it leaves you feeling comforted that may be all that matters.

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