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Jennifer Bonn

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I have been making an effort lately to enjoy each moment instead of always thinking about what I have to do next or worrying that there is something I haven’t done. I am finding that slowing down, enjoying who I’m with, and being more observant of everything, brings a sense of peace. Here are a few things I am trying to do that might work for you too.

Focus completely on a person

I am guilty of trying to multitask while talking to someone. I want to finish the e-mail, write one more sentence, or organize my desk. The problem with that is I am sending a message that I’m too busy to interact with someone, and that person is not worth my time. I am much happier doing one thing at a time including giving a person my time.

Be open to what is happening around me

In the past, I have often been hurrying to the next task with my head down, and my mind a mile away. Now, I see who and what are around me, and I am aware of my environment.

Leave my headphones out

I used to have my headphones in at the gym, or when I was running, but I was missing out on some great conversations! I listen to people talk about issues, triumphs, and heartaches.


Listening is a skill that many people are not good at doing. Instead of listening, we want to jump in and interrupt with our own story. What we forget though is how much we can learn from each other.

Asking questions

Showing an interest in people shows them they have value and everyone wants to tell his story.

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