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Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

When you go to work each day, you have a choice about what your performance will be like. Every organization has a wide variety of performers. The most valuable are the ones who treat their job with respect and act professionally, others are not sure what the expectations are, and others slip by doing the bare minimum and finding excuses anytime they don’t follow the company rules. Every organization should have very clear expectations for workers, and although we would hope professionals wouldn’t need to be supervised, there needs to be supervision and consequences when professionals don’t act professionally. Here is my idea of how a professional performs.

Show up on time

Unless there is a valid excuse, being late is a sign of disrespect. I had a student complain to me once that his teacher never arrived in class until five minutes after the bell rang. If we have a rule for one person, it has to apply to everyone.

Avoid negativity

You don’t want to be a victim of guilt by association if others see you with the group that gossips about everyone else.

Come to learn

You have so many opportunities to learn from the people around you. Brainstorm with others and ask questions.

Meet deadlines

Be known as a person who completes his responsibilities.

Don’t be the pot stirrer

Stirring up drama can happen faster than you think, so don’t be known as the drama queen.

Be a team player. Realize that everyone involved in the job is working together. It has to be a united front, and everyone has to work together. Help willingly when the chance arises.

When you speak with colleagues, give them your full attention. Stop using e-mail, put away the cell phone, and interact fully with another human being.

Show your colleagues how to deal with stress with a sense of humor. It is much more fun to work somewhere where people are laughing instead of frowning.

Never wait until the last minute to do something. Work on big projects a little at a time and they do not seem so insurmountable anymore.

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