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Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

Everyone needs some extra motivation, inspiration, or encouragement, especially on those days when it seems like everything went wrong. Here are a few that work for me. I hope they will give you a boost.

Great music

There is a tune for every mood, and lyrics to ponder. Spend some time listening to your favorite music.

A nap

I take power naps a lot around 3 p.m. because I have an energy dip then. I smile as I sink under insanely soft covers, and the cats come to curl up next to me.

Playing with an animal

Having an animal is a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it because of the mental health boost that animals can give us.

Baby laughter

My husband has a ring tone of a baby laughing and I smile every time I hear it.


Whether it is because of the endorphins being released or because you are doing something good for yourself, exercise will make you feel better.

A good movie

A good movie or book will take you away from any troubles and transport you to a story.

Great food

This is my number one mood booster. Good food can make anything better.

Dance in the kitchen

It doesn’t matter if you have the moves or not, turn up the music and dance until you are out of breath.

Sing in the car

Am I the only one who sings at the top of her voice in the car, and doesn’t care if the words are right?

Watch funny videos

Funny animal videos are the best. There is a video of a penguin that I watch anytime I have a bad day.


Smells can boost your mood. Buy some essential oils and smell all the amazing scents.

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