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My daughter Kaitlyn started an internship at a local company last month. She is learning valuable information with this job, but it isn’t what you would expect. Instead of learning how to be a professional and a team player, she is learning many of the things a team player should not do. Although this could seem like a negative experience, she is learning a lot about professional interaction, and how to survive in the workplace. I am going to take the negative interactions she has seen and turn them into positive traits to be a team player.

Don’t consider a job beneath your title.

No matter what your job is, you will have to wear many different hats and do a variety of tasks. Do them gladly and look at them as an opportunity to grow.

Focus on others instead of only on yourself.

The team needs you, so get acquainted with the people around you, and really know them. Reach out to them when they need it.

Realize that your actions have a ripple effect

People are always watching you, so give them something good to talk about. Model the behaviors you would like to see from everyone, and you will see positive changes.

Don’t be content to only do the minimum. Be extraordinary.

There are always colleagues who want to slide by doing the least amount possible. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to do a better job. Be the best you can from the beginning.

Bring others with you in your effort to grow

Help the people around you to become better. Share your experience and help when asked.

Give others credit

Tell others about the people who are doing something right.

Model kindness

Always be kind. You have no idea what someone might be dealing with at the moment.

Volunteer where needed

If someone needs help, volunteer, right away. You may be the one who needs help one day.

Encourage the team

Be a cheerleader for your colleagues. Stay positive.

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