That moment in a race

Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

There are several distinct moments in every running race. There is that moment in the beginning when many people crowd to the front in the hopes of cutting every possible second off their time. Young runners will inevitably sprint from the starting line before they realize what it means to pace themselves. The beginning of the race is the moment that is the most dangerous because so many people are so close together. I have seen people trip over another runner’s shoe or twist an ankle. What I watch for the most are the children who stop on a dime because they have no concept that there is a crowd of people running behind. This is also the moment when the faster runners enact their plans. I used to choose someone who I used to pace me. The perfect person was slightly faster than I was so she would inspire me to go faster.

The second moment is my favorite. It’s when the different groups of runners have found their paces, and the crowd has spread out. There are still people around you, but they are struggling too much to talk beyond gasping out some encouragement, and a peaceful quiet settle in around you. You can hear a rhythmic tap of shoes hitting the pavement, and everyone has settled into a pace. Of course, there are always those people who manage to gossip the entire race while you are just trying to keep going.

The final moment is when you know the finish line is right around the next corner, and there is a woman in your age group right in front of you. It is time for your glorious finish as you pass the woman at the last moment and claim your spot on the podium.

There are other moments in a race that are also important like the conversations you hear when runners talk about how running is healing them. There are other moments when you see someone who is conquering physical challenges, and running in spite of those challenges.

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