12 Things I appreciate

Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

Family and friends

Being surrounded by love is a wonderful feeling. On those days when it feels like no one appreciates you, it’s nice to know that good friends and family have your back. You can be genuine around family and friends and the laughter you can share is priceless.

Good food

I have always considered food to be comfort, and a form of love. We need it to live but it is one of the basic pleasures in our lives. Most of the time, when our family is together, we all congregate in the kitchen around good food. The smells and the tastes enhance the stories and laughter in the room. Feeding people and seeing them enjoy it is always a pleasure.


Sleeping enough can affect every aspect of our lives, so I try to prepare for a restful night. I sprinkle the pillow with lavender and orange, and there are super soft blankets waiting for me to sink under. I have a terrible habit of waking in the middle of the night and thinking of a million things, so when I wake up, I do my best to clear my mind so I can fall back to sleep.

Great smells

I love using aromatherapy to perk up or soothe my senses. I recently bought a candle in Florida that has an orange-based scent, but there are also herbs in the middle that make the smell even better. My family always appreciates me when the lights go out because between all my candles, and my lanterns for night races, we are all set.

I love the smell of coffee, newly mowed grass, clean laundry, and that certain smell right after it has rained.

Soft, warm blankets

I have a different personal temperature than most people. I become cold quickly, so I love having soft, comfy blankets around when I am inside. I have one draped over my legs when I eat breakfast, and on the couch when I have time to read.

Essential oils

A friend told me about the importance and use of oils, and as I have used them, I have been amazed at how they can help. I am not a doctor, so I can only say that they have worked for me in these circumstances.

I began to have ringing in my ears. (tinnitus) My friend said to put some lavender behind each ear before bed. It worked and I have not had any ringing since then. Lavender on my pillow also helps me sleep.

I use peppermint on my head when I have a bad headache. Be careful to not get any in your eyes because it is very strong. I also use it when I am congested. Put some in your palms, rub them together, and breathe it in.


I love hot coffee in the morning, and I am sure it is a comfort thing. Something warm that smells delicious is a real treat for me.


I enjoy the smell and the look of flowers. Seeing something that beautiful makes me smile.


I swing in the hammock with a book and listen to the quiet, or what is happening in the neighborhood. It is very relaxing.


I can become completely lost in the story in a book. There have been times when someone has called my name several times before I hear them. Reading is an escape for me.


Music can relax me, and it can motivate me. I love the stories in the song, the rhythm, and the message.


Running is another escape for me. It gives me peace, and I meet great people when I go to races.


I love acts of kindness. One kind act can lift my spirits for a long time.

That is my shortlist of what I appreciate the most. What would your list look like?

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