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Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

You probably think I am talking about wanting to be more positive, but that isn’t the attitude I have a problem with. I want to learn to worry less, not care so much about what others think, and be content with whatever each day offers me instead of always thinking I should have done more or better.

My husband and my friend Raleigh have the attitude I envy. Neither of them have ever wondered if he should have said something different, or worried about what someone else thinks of them. I call this the oh well attitude. “She doesn’t like my jokes?” “Oh, well.” “He doesn’t like the way I dress?” “Oh, well.” They don’t care what anyone else thinks because they feel good about who they are.

When I tell my husband that I am upset about something hateful someone has said, he always gives me the look that says he is baffled by my reaction, and he says, “Why do you care?” I then realize that once again he is right. I need to worry less about what people think because we all have our flaws.

Another attitude I love is when I ask my husband what he is going to do on Saturday and Sunday. His answer is always the same. He will say, “Whatever the day allows me to do.” I have a long list of what I want to accomplish, and I spend both days running around, stressed out, trying to finish tasks while my husband is slowly working his way through things and enjoying the day. Raleigh is the same way. He is never in a hurry, he is usually humming, and he is enjoying the day. I obviously have a lot to learn from both of them.

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