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If you think of life as a highway that we are traveling down, you will want to keep moving forward to see what great adventure or opportunity is around the next curve. Unfortunately, we sometimes hit some unexpected bumps in the road, we might run out of gas, our car might break down, we could become lost, or we veer off the main road and head down a path that looks more fun only to find out we should have stayed on the first path. We might pick up some travelers and drop some off on our trip, be disappointed by others, and finish our journey with a few still with us. How do we keep moving forward through all of that? Here are a few ideas.

Managing the bumps

We would all love for life to always flow smoothly, but the truth is we learn more from the bumps. We learn to be resilient and to have a good attitude. Have a good sense of humor when you experience a small twist to daily life and keep moving forward.


We all feel discouragement at some time. If you are like me, you might be making the situation bigger than it is. Find the positives that you have accomplished and realize that you can be and do anything you want to do. Keep moving forward.


I consider setbacks a step above discouragement. Setbacks for me take more for me to recover. I had trained for months for an ultra-marathon, but the weekend before I was rushed to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. The next week, I went in for a regular cleaning and was told I needed to go to a specialist for my tooth, and the next day I twisted my knee. I had to do some self-talk to convince myself these are all temporary setbacks, and I will keep moving forward.

Feeling lost

I love Kenny Chesney’s song, You Save Me. The opening line is, every now and then, I feel a little lost. Don’t we all feel like that at some point? Find some inspiration and keep moving forward.


Interacting with people can be rough. You have to understand that there are so many ways of perceiving the same situation and that doesn’t mean yours is wrong. The question on a morning news show was how many friends does a person need? My husband, daughter and I yelled out at once, “One good one!” Deal with all the personalities and keep moving forward.

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