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Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

Every relationship takes some work, but it is easier if you know you are with a partner who is right for you. I have been married forty-one years, and although there have been some rough patches, I know my husband is the right match for me. I am using the pronoun he to describe the qualities I think to prove someone is right for you, but obviously, you only have to switch the pronoun to fit your partner.

He knows you

My husband knows the way I think which means I cannot get away with doing more than I should. (I push my limits sometimes) He knows I am super sensitive and although I consider myself strong emotionally, there are certain things that wreck me, like anything bad happening to a child or animal, inspiring stories, and videos of soldiers surprising families.

He supports you

I have had a few people in my life that did not have my best interest in mind. He saw no reason that he had to be kind to them when he had to be around them. I always know that he will lift me up and help me to be my best.

He knows what to say

I couldn’t run an ultra that I had spent months preparing for because I had a heart flutter the weekend before. We went to pick up my race packet, and my husband knew I was upset. He took my hand, kissed it, and said, “It’s ok. Baby. I understand. We will be back next year, and you will crush it.”

He is often my voice of reason because I am so sensitive, and I let what people say pierce my armor. He always gives me the look of, “Are you crazy?”, and then says, “Why are you letting this bother you?” then he explains why I shouldn’t care.

He lets you be you

My husband hates to read, but because he knows how much I love it, he takes me to the bookstore every Friday night. He doesn’t like to run, but he supports my obsession with it and has become my crew for ultra-marathons.

You balance each other

My husband and I are complete opposites, but we balance each other out. We bring different interests and opinions to the table, and that makes conversations more interesting. I am always learning to see issues from different perspectives, and I think my husband feels the same.

You can communicate

Because we are so different, there are many things that we don’t understand about each other, but we respect each other’s opinions, and we listen to what each other is feeling.

He respects you

We agreed early in our relationship that we would never be that couple that tore each other down, especially in front of others. We cringe whenever we hear someone do that because if you can be that cruel in public, imagine what it must be like in private. If someone claims he is joking, tell him it isn’t funny.

He makes you laugh

I should have put this as the most important element. My husband can make me laugh when I am down, and he is famous for saying something hysterical and often irreverent when I least expect it which causes me to laugh until my stomach hurts.

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