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Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

The definition of a prepper is someone who prepares for a possible future catastrophe by stockpiling food, supplies, and weapons and ensuring there is proper housing. Some people believe preppers are paranoid or extremists, but I can relate to the reasoning and their preparations.

I believe in always being prepared. When I was a teacher, people knew that whatever they might need, it was in the closet in my room. My purse is the same because I have something for most possibilities. I have influenced my youngest because the other day we were out shopping when I broke a nail. She quickly produced a nail clipper and asked if I needed a band-aid. I was only joking when I asked if she had first aid cream, but she pulled it out. My daughter has prepper tendencies too!

I think preppers see potential problems in our societal structure and they are preparing for the event when life as we know it might be turned upside down and we have to find a way to survive. We saw this happen recently with the pandemic. The average person did not see Covid coming, and every aspect of our lives was disrupted. We went into lockdown and had to figure out working from home while helping our children do online school. We watched loved ones die and felt helpless. People lost their jobs and we had to pivot to survive. There were also many positives from the pandemics. Many people showed how creative and innovative they were. The fact is though we were not prepared. I have a feeling the preppers were ready and were not worried about having enough toilet paper.

I understand how someone could want to prepare for a disaster especially when it comes to food. I am intrigued by what is missing from the store shelves. Have you noticed? Then we have the debacle with baby formula. I watched my daughter, and her friends help each other by buying formula where they could find it and then sharing it. It is another example of us coming together and being innovative.

So, I will continue to do my best to be prepared for the future, but I’m also going to keep hoping that we will work together to face the bumps in the road.

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