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Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

I make jokes all the time about how crazy my life has become since my dog Bandit has been with us, but I know how much he adds to my life. I am better because he is part of our family, and I have a feeling other dog owners feel the same. Here are a few ways that Bandit adds to my life.

He keeps my family active

Although I love to be active, my youngest and my husband are very sedentary. John does a desk job and Kate is a student, so they need a nudge to get out of their chairs to move around. Kate plays hide-and-seek with Bandit, and it is fun to watch him figure out where she is. John takes breaks and takes him out to throw him a ball or play Frisbee. John takes him to a local park on the weekend.

Meeting new people is easier

Bandit might be crazy, but he is gorgeous, fluffy, and loveable, and everyone wants to pet him. It is a great way to start conversations in the park or to have an excuse to talk to the neighbors.

I can talk to him about anything

Sometimes I want to express my opinion, or just chat without someone talking back to me. Bandit responds with a lick to the face or a tilt of the head.

He makes me laugh

Do you have a friend who is funny without trying to be? Bandit is like that. He runs with pure joy. He doesn’t care where he is running, he only wants to run at top speed. Sometimes he comes sprinting out of the woods with half a tree in his mouth and then tries to subdue it. We have taught him to fetch the paper. He sprints to the paper, grabs it, shakes it vigorously, and then brings it to me as if he has tamed it for me.

He calms me with his affection

When he finally calms down and wants to snuggle, he leans against you looking for belly rubs. The cat grooms him, and he gives him a lick of thanks in return. He is so gentle with my grandson and always wants to please.

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