"Opinion" My healthy must-haves

Jennifer Bonn

Through the years, I have discovered certain things that have helped me with my health. I cannot guarantee that these will work for anyone else, but these are the healthy must-haves that I always have in my house.

Ginger candies

Ginger candies taste great, but they also calm your stomach. I found out about them from a veteran ultra-runner when I told him that I had to stop at my last ultra because my stomach was upset. I recently was recovering from a virus and although the fever was gone, my stomach felt unsettled. Four ginger candies later, my stomach felt great.


I started taking these years ago on the advice of a friend, and suddenly everyone was talking about the importance of gut health. When I go to the doctor’s office, I am always asked if I am taking probiotics.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is good for everything from relieving hemorrhoids, to reducing eye puffiness. This is a must to have.

Vitamin C packets

Whenever I travel, I start taking extra vitamin C. I also take it at the first sign of a cold. I am not going down without a fight.


Zinc is a proven cold fighter, so I always have some ready.

A tennis ball

Because I am so active, I need something to work on sore muscles. A tennis ball can be placed under any muscle while you put your weight on the tennis ball. It is great for sore shoulders. Put the tennis ball under the shoulder blade and move back and forth.

Essential oils

My massage therapist has taught me about oils throughout the years, and there are a few I use every day.


I was starting to have tinnitus which is a ringing in the ears. I started to put some behind both ears before I went to bed, and I haven’t had any ringing in my ears since then. Lavender can also help you fall asleep.


I have migraines when the weather changes drastically, but when I put some peppermint oil on my forehead, it usually clears up. It is also good to clear congestion from a cold. Sprinkle some in your hand, and breathe it in. I used to have it in my classroom, and students would ask me if they could have some of the magic oil for their headaches. I also sprinkle it on my pillow at night because I love the smell.

Be careful not to get any in your eyes because it is so strong, it will be difficult to open your eyes. One day, I had put some on right before class and then forgotten it was on my fingers and cleaned up my eyeliner with my finger. I couldn’t open my eyes for five minutes! I also don’t think it is good for dogs.

Tea tree

This oil is great for your skin, especially if you have breakouts. I have had some issues with skin cancer, and I had a spot that would not heal. It has been shrinking since I have been using it.

K-T tape

I discovered this tape when I strained my knee and had to go to a physical trainer. The tape supports sore muscles and has properties that promote healing. Read the instructions for putting it on and taking it off.

Jen Bonn


Hello, I am Jen and I’m addicted to coffee. I love everything about coffee, the smell, the taste, and the fact there is something comforting about it for me.

That is my short list of what I always have in the house. What would you add to the list?

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