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Our budgets are stretched with high gas prices and grocery bills, so if we can find something for free it is a bonus. I was talking with my husband about all the activities available in the summer and we started to talk about what we did in the summer growing up and we agreed that all of those are still fun, so I am giving you some ideas from my past for free summer fun.

Find a swimming hole

Most towns have a place to swim that only the locals know about and of course it is the best place to go. Where I grew up there was a public lake where both locals and tourists went, but there was also a lake on top of a mountain where only the locals went. It was so clean and beautiful, and the locals made sure to keep it that way. Find the spot to go swimming near you.

Locate a creek

The creek isn’t for swimming, it’s for putting your feet in cold water while your dogs and children play nearby. My two oldest could play near our creek for hours looking for creatures and staying cool. We have a local park with a creek in the back, so you never know where you might find one.


All you need is a blanket, your favorite food and drink, and a pretty place to eat it. The best is when everyone picks out their favorite food at the store and then everyone puts the food out to share. Make sure you remember dessert.

Go barefoot

There is something so relaxing about walking barefoot in summer. Make sure you move up the hot steps extra fast though.

Porch stories

After dinner, sit on the porch and tell stories. Invite your neighbors over to join you.

Water balloon fights

What could be better on hot days than water balloons? You will laugh, get some exercise, and cool off at the same time.

Frozen root beer

Put some mason jars in the freezer for a few hours and then fill them with root beer, or root beer and ice cream.

Chase fireflies

Even at my age, I still love seeing fireflies in the summer. Find some cups and let your children catch them and then let them go. Our neighbor’s dog eats them, so that’s an issue.

Take a nap in the porch swing

Summer is great for early evening naps on the porch.

My last memory of things I loved about summer is watching thunderstorms. We had a carport, so it was safe to watch them outside. My dad and I would watch the storm come over the mountain. When it was done, we would watch the steam rise like clouds from the rain.

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