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Jennifer Bonn
Jen Bonn

There are several things I always want to have around either because they have multi-purpose uses, or I use them so often. Here is my list of essential everyday items.

A first aid kit

My husband was surprised when he found out I had one of these in my classroom. He said, “You teach them French. How do they hurt themselves conjugating verbs?” I had to tell him that I had at least two people every day ask me for a band aid, and I have learned not to ask too many questions. Every house needs basic first aid items which for me are band aids, antibiotic cream, and Benadryl spray to relieve the itch from bug bites. Because I don’t pick my feet up much when I run, trail races require a med kit because my feet will find every root and rock out there. I have fallen so often that my friends ask me if I brought the med kit if we are running trails.

Baking soda

This is one of the multi-purpose items. You can brush your teeth with it, clean things, use it to deodorize your fridge, and bake with it! I’m sure I left a few things off the list.


When you run long distance, your clothes can chafe you. After my first marathon, I had a line of bloody skin under the bottom of my sports bra. That is not pleasant when you hop into the shower. Vaseline can act as a barrier, and it is much cheaper than the body glide that running stores sell. Vaseline is wonderful for a lip balm or for chapped skin in winter. It is also useful if your rings are stuck on your finger.

Duct tape

This is another multi-purpose item. It can hold a box together, repair furniture, or mark a space on the floor. There is even a competition to make clothing out of duct tape.


There are mornings when the thought of a steaming cup of coffee can get me out of bed. It is a comfortable way to start the day.


I will always have at least one animal in my house. They make me laugh, calm me, and give me love.

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