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Feeling loved is a basic need and finding the right partner to share that love can make an amazing difference in a life. Unfortunately, many people struggle to find the love they need. There are numerous dating sites to help people find their special person, but they come with issues too and there is no guarantee that there will be a connection.

I enjoy hearing people’s love stories, and a recurrent theme is that love showed up unexpectedly. This is what happened to my husband and me. I was dating someone seriously when I left for a junior year abroad. When I returned, I found out that he had been cheating on me. I dated two more men and was disappointed by both. I decided that I needed to take a break from dating when a good friend told me her friend John wanted to take me out to dinner. When we went out, I had no thoughts of anything serious happening, but we had an instant connection. Have you ever felt like you have known someone forever from the first time you meet them? That’s how I felt. I knew within four days that he was the one, and that was forty years ago.

I don’t think you can force love. It has its own timing. I had a friend who wanted to marry and have children and she felt that she was running out of time to have a family. She would ask me why she couldn’t find the right man, and I would tell her that there was nothing wrong with her, it depended on the right timing. I understood she was very impatient, but that impatience led her into a few toxic relationships.

Don’t give up if love hasn’t found you yet, or if you thought you found the right relationship, and it did not turn out well. We have all heard stories of couples who have struggled in love, but then find the perfect person for them, usually, when they least expect it.

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