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Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

Whether you want to say they are messages from God, signs from the universe, or only random coincidences, I believe we receive answers to our questions as well as suggestions on how to act all the time. We have to be open to seeing or hearing them, and that can be hard because we are often distracted by our busy lives.

Recently, a friend was telling me a story of feeling conflicted because she had purchased an expensive birthday present to give her sister-in-law at her birthday party, but a week before the party, the sister-in-law did something to my friend that was very mean and hurtful. My friend was struggling with whether to give her the gift or not. She was upset about the hurtful behavior, and she felt that if she gave her sister-in-law the gift, she would be sending a message that the behavior had been acceptable. On the other hand, she didn’t want to be as hateful as her sister-in-law had been. The next day she was attending an office meeting with a guest speaker who was talking about the importance of kindness. She said that even when someone had hurt you, you should still try to be kind. My friend felt the message was for her, so she gave the present to her sister-in-law, but she also had a talk with her and discussed her feelings. The sister-in-law apologized and they both are working on rebuilding their relationship.

There have been times when I have been wondering about something, when I hear the answer on t.v., or in a newspaper, or magazine. I have been in church when I am amazed that the sermon is about something that was on my mind.

I know others often see messages or signs in the things around them. Here are a few examples.

Some people believe you can receive messages through music. In the article, Signs to look out for, by Brendan Brown, this quote describes what might happen. “You might be going through something in your life — a breakup, a tough career move, a decision between two choices that will both drastically change your path for years to come — and out of nowhere you hear the perfect song to help you find the answer you need. You feel like — “I need to drop everything else and listen to this song”, even if you’re already in the middle of something pretty important.”

People also say that a message about a question you have might come through someone with whom you are speaking.

Others believe they receive messages through dreams. In the article 18 ways the universe sends you messages, Susan Brunton says, “Our brains are incredibly active while we’re sleeping, and our subconscious minds can send us messages especially if it’s trying to convey something important like a warning or lesson about the future.”

What signs and answers have you received? I am going to keep an open mind about the possibilities.

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