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Jennifer Bonn

Finding motivation

Do you ever have those days when you cannot find the motivation to do anything? If I have a day like that it usually starts out with me having a death grip on a cup of coffee while I stare into space wondering, why I am so tired and why do I not want to do anything. What are those things that steal your motivation and what can you do to find it again? Here are a few reasons for a lack of motivation that I think is common and some ideas to solve them.

Being hard on yourself. Do you go through times like I do when you don’t think what your doing is good enough, or you aren’t working hard enough at it? Do we also add in the comparison game of why can’t I be as successful as that person? The way I fight these feelings is to make sure my thoughts are realistic or are they limiting. I make a list of what I have accomplished and what I would like to achieve, and then I adopt a mindset of thinking that I might not have achieved something yet, but I can do it if I figure out how. Change those limiting thoughts to empowering ones and see if it makes a difference.

Rediscover your why. Why are you doing a project, activity, job, or anything else in your life? Clearly define your reasons for where you spend your time.

Feeling overwhelmed. If you look at something you need to do and start to panic, break it into small tasks. You can use this technique for anything you do. I do this when I run. Instead of saying I am running 6 miles, I take it a mile at a time. There is a 5k race we do every year that I love because, for me, there are three distinct miles. Mile one, I have to make it to the park, mile two, I’m out of the park and back on the road, and mile 3 is back where I started. Breaking it up like that makes that run easy for me.

You do not have support. I am going to confess something here I don’t think I have ever told anyone but my closest friends. My husband and my children could care less about my writing passion, and I don’t think any of them have ever read anything I have written. To be fair, they are the same when it comes to my running obsession, it’s just not their thing. I cannot expect support from them, but in a way that motivates me more because I want to show them, that I can be a success at what I love. I also make sure I work in an environment that makes me happy. Do whatever you can to do the same. I have a creative space filled with everything I love, including a diffuser with some amazing aromatherapy.

Being unhealthy. If you are not sleeping enough or taking care of yourself by eating well and exercising, your motivation can be drained.

You are bored. If you feel like you are in a rut, change some things up, and renew your routine.

Think beyond yourself. How can you help others with what you do? Sometimes helping others helps you.

One last idea. I read a great article that said emotion creates motion, and motion creates emotion. Figure out what needs to move, to change, and find your motivation.

Jen Bonn

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