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Dogs have personalities like we do, but what determines how that personality develops? Is it because of their breed, their environment, their experiences, or all these things and more?

In the article, Dogs and Their Owners Share Similar Personality Traits, Megan Schmidt says, “A paper published in The Journal of Research in Personality says a dog’s personality reflects the personality of its owner. It also explains that dogs experience personality changes similar to how humans do over the course of their lives. She goes on to say that dog’s personalities change as they grow older and are influenced by lifestyle and experience. She also states that a recent study found that dog behavioral tendencies are distinct and are rooted in their DNA.

In the article, How Much of a Dog’s Personality Comes from Their Owner, PETMD says that people tend to choose dogs who have personality traits like their own. Do you think you have the same personality as your dog? Our dog Bandit is high energy, curious, loving, gentle, stubborn, funny, and very intelligent. I can claim all those traits except for super intelligent, and I probably only think I am funny.

PETMD also states that dogs have an ability to read and match human emotions. Dr. Lisa Pinn McFaddin says, “Dogs are true empaths. They can sense minute physiologic changes in people and animals and respond accordingly.

In a new study in Science, Kathleen Morrill, a dog geneticist, says a dog’s breed is not a good predictor of behavior. They concluded that breed explains only 9 percent of behavioral variation. That doesn’t mean people don’t have stereotypes about the personalities of certain breeds. We had a beautiful black Pitbull named Lily. Most of the time when I told someone I had a Pitbull, the reaction was, “Oh!” It bothered me because she did not deserve the stereotype of a vicious dog. So many different factors go into the development of their personalities.
Jen Bonn

How does your dog show personality? Have you seen the personality change over time?

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