A fitness reset

Jennifer Bonn

Do you ever realize the way you have been doing something isn’t working anymore, and you need to rethink your approach? I had that realization about both the way I eat and how I exercise. I have been doing the same thing without seeing the results I want, but luckily two things happened that are helping me reset both my diet and my exercise routine.

I saw a book called, Total Body Reset, and although I don’t usually read books that look like they are going to suggest following a diet, this one intrigued me because it said your nutrition needs changed when you age. It proposed eating more protein. I decided to give it a try, and I also began drinking more water. Around the same time, I noticed a Facebook post in an ultrarunning group from a woman who regularly runs 100-mile races. She said she had been logging a lot of miles, but she kept getting injured, so she knew she had to change something in her training. She started to run fewer miles and lift heavier weights. She then did another 100-mile race and got her best finish time ever, and she has not had any injuries.

On the website, www.muscleandstrength.com, the article, 15 Ways to Switch Up Your Muscle Building Routine, tells why it’s important to change things up now and then.

“As experienced lifters know, you’re not going to get continuous growth using the same program, week in week out. The human body adapts to stress too fast. Once your body adapts to the stress level of your current routine it will see no need to keep growing.

Regular changes in your workout are essential for long-term growth. Professional bodybuilders cycle their workout continuously, change their exercises and add advanced training techniques. Using their experience, they know exactly what type of training and diet they need to build muscle or burn fat.”

Making some changes to your routine can be fun and easy. Here are a few ideas.

Changes to your diet

Experiment with some new healthy recipes

Find a healthy substitute for dessert.

Drink lots of water.

Changes to your fitness routine

Switch up your exercise and try something new

Change the number of days you train

Take some exercise classes

Take some rest days.

Changing your routines can reenergize you, and help you improve your general health.

Jen Bonn

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