Is your dog crazy like mine?

Jennifer Bonn

If you have read any of my articles about my dog you know I think he is a huge blessing, but he also keeps me on my toes. The truth is he is slightly nuts. We crate him at night because if we didn’t, he would continue to bring us the tennis ball to throw until at least four in the morning. After we let him out, we take him outside to start chasing sticks, squirrels, and birds. Three seconds after we bring him inside, we hear the tennis ball drop. Now, you might say, “Put the tennis ball away if it bothers you.” I wish it was that easy. If we ignore the tennis ball, he brings out all his other toys one by one. I know it sounds like we are annoyed by the constant need for attention, and sometimes we are, but we spend a lot of time laughing about his antics.

When we first got Bandit, I was worried he would not get along with our two cats, but they play with each other. Bandit will lie down in front of the bigger cat and let him lick his head. They sit together in the kitchen in the morning waiting for breakfast. I’ve never had a dog that was friends with the cats.
Jen Bonn

Bandit can sense how crazy he can act around both people and animals. My husband wrestles with him and Bandit will nibble on John’s hands. He somehow knows that I don’t want to play that way. One day, he closed his mouth over my hand, but instantly switched to licking it, as if he was saying, “My bad!” He also knows how to adjust his play with the dogs in the neighborhood. One neighbor has an elderly dog, and Bandit is very gentle with him, but he goes full out with two of the younger dogs.

It's a good thing he runs around like a maniac because he can eat enough for three dogs. I let him finish anything left on my plate, he has his dog food, and he is ready for any other snacks we want to share. Yogurt is his new favorite.

Every day brings new laughter at what he does. He is super loving, high-energy, and definitely a little crazy, but it’s a good crazy. What do you love about your dog?
Jen Bonn

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