“Opinion “ What we can learn from a dog

Jennifer Bonn

Have you ever watched your pet and thought he knew how to live life better than most people? That’s what I think when I watch my dog Bandit. Here are a few life lessons I think we could learn from him.

  • Every day is a new adventure. Bandit comes out of his crate excited about the possibilities that the day holds. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, he is ready to head outside and play. Why do we let so many things weigh on us? What if we chose joy no matter what?
  • Food is meant to be enjoyed. Our dog loves food and knows the names of some. He perks up when he hears us say pup cup, (A cup of whip cream that some fast-food restaurants give dogs), or peanut butter. He waits expectantly when I finish my meal because I let him clean my plate. He enjoys good food with gusto instead of making it overly complicated like we do.
  • Exercise can be fun.
  • He has learned not to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong like down a suspicious-looking hole.
  • He knows the power of a good nap in the sun.
  • Bandit has learned that different dogs need to be treated in different ways. The dog behind us is old with a bad back, and Bandit knows he only wants to be greeted and sniff a bit. The puppy across from us wants to run and then hide under the treehouse, and the dog next to us wants to chase and play.
  • He knows that simple things like a tennis ball are best.
  • He gives love freely because it is as natural as breathing.
  • Making friends is not complicated, share a stick and start playing.
  • If something makes you happy, do it over and over. (the tennis ball)
  • Following rules can keep you safe. We taught him to wait for a command to leave the car, and to eat so that he doesn’t grab something that fell on the floor that might be harmful to him.

I know he will continue to teach me important things. He has been sitting near my elbow the whole time I have been writing this. He wants to make sure I get it right.

Jen Bonn

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