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Jennifer Bonn

What can be more important than our mental fitness? We spend so much time worrying about our physical appearance, but we often forget about the part of our body that controls everything. Luckily there are some very easy strategies that we can follow to stay mentally sharp.

1. Sleep well.

There are multitudes of studies that show that sleep can improve our performance in all areas of our lives and lack of it can cause irritability, weight gain, depression, loss of concentration. The more sleep we have, the better our mind functions, but many people have difficulty sleeping. Here are some ideas on getting a better night's rest;

· Stick to a regular sleep schedule

· Do not exercise too late in the day

· Avoid caffeine

· Avoid alcohol before bed

· Avoid drinking or eating close to bedtime. You could have indigestion or need to get up to urinate.

· Relax before bed. Take a hot bath or read

· Have a comfortable sleeping area

2. Learn Something New

There is a story about a group of nuns who were all living to the age of 100 or more. A researcher began to try to figure out what it was about the lifestyle that helped them live longer and he determined that it was because they were always mentally active. They were involved in doing arts and crafts learning how to play musical instruments, learning languages. Find something new that interests you and give it a try. I think the expression use it or lose it applies here so find something that will help you to step out of your daily routine and jog your mind.

3. Eat a healthy diet

We make healthy eating so complicated when it really can be broken down into two things. Eat a variety of foods in reasonable quantities and eat colorful foods such as deep greens and reds. Think of food as fuel for your brain. The better the fuel the more efficient the machine will be.

4. Exercise

Exercise can help keep your mind sharp in several ways. First of all, it can relieve stress which can harm your health both mentally and physically. It can also elevate your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Exercise will improve whole-body fitness.

5. Use your imagination

Practice visualization, make up stories, and recreate some of the magic that fantasy gave you as a child. Think of it as a mental exercise.

Jen Bonn

6. Be creative

Make some special gifts for loved ones, do arts and crafts with children, paint, write, and create music. Do whatever creative outlet you enjoy.

7. Do word and memory games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

These games help you to exercise your mind and increase your knowledge.

8. Read

Reading improves your vocabulary, uses your imagination, and increases your general knowledge.

9. Teach a talent that you have to someone else.

Not only will you be sharing a skill with someone else, you will also find it necessary to stay mentally sharp in order to teach them well.

10. Stay up to date on current events and discuss opinions on world topics.

You will increase your general knowledge and stimulate your mind with debate.

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