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One of my writing specialties is self-help, so I have spent a lot of time researching the answers to many questions that are commonly asked. Here are some of the answers that research has taught me.

How can two people have radically different views on reality?

People view reality from where they are and what belief system they have. You also have to throw in motivation or lack of it. Sometimes individuals have been expressing their view of reality for so long that even if it is false, they have accepted it as truth.

What is the key to good parenting?

Love, patience, discipline, and a very good sense of humor. Keep the children and yourself fed and as well-rested as possible and no one will get hurt.

Is there a way to slow down aging?

Eliminate stress, put worry and fear in God’s hands, eat well, exercise, laugh often, pray, and cultivate community. A great deal of moisturizer can help too.

How should we deal with difficult people?

There are different levels of difficulty, and my answer to this differs depending on the level. The first thing I do always is to understand where the person’s words and actions are coming from, and my reaction for level one difficulty is to meet hatefulness with love and understanding. People are carrying all kinds of burdens and it sometimes causes bad behavior.

Unfortunately, some people are energy drainers and no matter what you do, hatefulness continues to flow. In this case, I would limit interactions as much as possible and document any unfortunate interactions if you work with this person.

How can we conquer fear?

Fear is a dream killer. Think how many times you have not done something because you were afraid. I am afraid of a lot and what works for me is to do whatever it is I am afraid of so I can see that what I think is impossible is possible. There is also healthy fear. I am never going to do something that endangers my life.

What are the keys to success?

One of the keys to success is failure. It makes you stronger and wiser. Another key is to stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Those perfect exteriors you see on social media are covering up some nasty messes. What is your definition of success? My definition is happiness. Make a list of what you want to achieve and then make a plan on how you are going to do it. Have a positive attitude and believe.

How do we continue to grow?

Realize that we can learn something from everyone. Become a good observer and listener. Who do you admire? Learn from that person’s words and actions. Read a variety of media as well as books for pleasure. Push yourself to do new things and learn something new.

How can we make a difference?

The best way to make a difference is to look beyond yourself and do what you can to serve others. Even if you do not have much extra time, you can help people. Practice random acts of kindness at least once a day, be generous with your smile, and sprinkle compliments everywhere.

Why are children usually so happy?

Children approach everything they do with an unabashed joy while we tend to analyze everything before doing it. Children treat everyone equally regardless of race, age, or gender. Adults tend to judge by appearances. They never feel the need to hurry. (Unless ice cream or candy are involved.) It is acceptable to stop and observe the butterflies and to inspect each of the 27 bugs they will encounter from here to there. Life is full of wonders, and they want to observe them all.

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