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Jennifer Bonn

Jen Bonn

Since the death of Betty White, I have been thinking about what a genuinely good human being she was and that we could all learn some lessons from her. I started to wonder how she would handle different situations, and I researched her background to gain some insight into how she might react. Here are my questions and answers based on her information.

How would Betty handle haters? First, I asked myself if it was possible that she had haters, and then I hoped she did because if Betty White had haters, it would be easier to ignore mine. I found one Betty White hater who said he hated her and thought there was too much hype about her. The comments that followed told him why the hype was merited. Betty White once said that everyone should mind their own business and not worry about other people so much. In one quote she says that even if you are thinking of a hateful remark, you should not say it because it will chip away at the other person’s self-esteem. I think she would ignore the haters or reply to them kindly or make them laugh.

Would she pray for you? Betty White was Christian and a member of the Unity Church, so I’m sure she knew the power of prayer.

Did she value friendship? Betty believed that you had to nurture good friendship. You needed to give the friendship time and attention for it to last.

What would she gift someone who needed comfort? We all know how passionate she was about animals, so I think she might consider an animal to help with emotional support.

What was her way of making people comfortable? She was so funny, and laughter can diffuse most situations. She also spread kindness like confetti.

In my research, I read several times that she believed it was important to be curious about everything, to develop new interests, and not to be afraid to learn new things.

Betty White has left us many wonderful lessons, and I will continue to ask what would Betty White do?

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