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Saving money with clothes

Jennifer Bonn

Now that prices have risen so high for everything, we all want to save where we can and there are plenty of opportunities to do that with clothes.

Consider shopping more at thrift stores. We have a local thrift store in my city of Kennesaw, Ga. called St. Vincent de Paul. The store not only has incredibly low prices for beautiful clothes, but they also give back to the community by providing items for the needy. See if your town has a store run by a church because not only will you find clothes and other items for great prices, you will also be contributing to helping others. I have often found clothes that still have tags on them.

Anyone who is into sports knows how expensive exercise clothes can be. I have purchased many brand-name articles like Nike and Under Armour for around five dollars each.

If you have children, you know how quickly they grow out of their clothes, so buying them at the thrift store will save you a lot of money.

There are many other thrift store options such as Goodwill. There are also online stores like Thredup where you can browse through different name brands and prices. Thredup also offers you the chance to sell your clothes through consignment. Sign up for an account and they will send you a bag that you can fill with your clothes and drop in the mail. The postage has been paid. It is very convenient. There are other consignment stores like Uptown Cheapskate.

You can also sell your clothes online through eBay and having a yard sale is always an option.

If thrift stores and consignment are not a good fit for you, look for sales, shop in the clearance section, shop out of season and use coupons. Patience usually pays off if you can wait until what you want goes on sale.

Search Facebook for discount groups like Beebe’s Bargains on a Budget. She searches for the discounts for you.

I hope these ideas will help you cut some costs when it comes to looking for clothes.
Jen Bonn

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Kennesaw, GA

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