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Mental health has been a common topic lately for obvious reasons. We are struggling with the fear from the pandemic and all the conflicting information on the best ways to deal with it, many have lost loved ones, jobs have been lost, and people have had to be creative and innovative to survive. There is a lot of uncertainty and emotions are high, so we all need to have healthy escapes. Let me tell you a few of mine and suggest a few others that might work for you.

Running has always been an escape for me. Whenever things became difficult, I went out for a long run. When emotions became too raw, I ran even farther. Running works for me as an escape because the movement and physical escape because the movement and physical demand calms me. Something about being outside has always comforted me, and if I am angry, I can release that anger on a hill while I mutter and fume, and no one can hear me but the squirrels.

Books are another escape for me. I love becoming lost in the story. It is an escape for me just being around books. When I walk into a library or bookstore, I can feel my body relax. I think this goes back to my childhood when a trip to the library was such a treat. The library in my town looked like a castle and I found refuge in those nooks and crannies growing up because I was very awkward socially and books were my escape from being different.

Writing is also an escape for me. When I am overwhelmed by something, I release the emotions by writing about them. Whatever you are good at creating, use it to express your feelings.

Food often makes me feel better because good food can make almost anything better. There is something restorative about cooking and talking and laughing in the kitchen while cooking.

Here are a few more ideas for healthy escapes.

A great nap




Arts and crafts

Video games


Add whatever lifts you up to the list. Avoid unhealthy escapes like using substances because although you will forget reality for a short time the reality you return to might be tougher than you can handle.

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