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One of the best pieces of advice I ever read about writing was that every writer should establish a writer’s footprint. What that means is there should be enough of your writing in circulation so that you are easily found if someone is searching for you. My daughter Kate came to me and said, “Mom, I put your name in Google and you came up in the local news.” I had to explain to her it was not because I was on the police blotter, but because I write frequently for the paper.

You want people to search for you and hopefully, it won’t be just your daughter. When you pitch an idea for an article the editor will often search to see if you have samples of work and see what type of writer platform you have. You should hope that your name comes up in frequent searches for writing.

Creating a writer’s footprint can take time. I will never forget a letter I received from an editor about two ideas I had pitched as possible picture books. The letter started out very sweetly and said that although there were some good ideas, it didn’t fit their needs. Then it was as if something pushed her over the edge and she went on a rant about how writing was tough, everyone had to pay their dues, it took sweat and tears to make it, and I couldn’t expect to break into the business on my first attempt. At the time, I felt sorry for her realizing that she was probably overworked and stressed. When I reflect on what she said though, she was right. It takes most writers time and effort to be noticed, and many become frustrated and quit before they see the fruits of their labors.

You can create a writer’s footprint in several ways.

Write for local media. Local newspapers and magazines are always looking for content. Many of these do not pay writers but I always look at it as an opportunity to have my work seen and to practice my craft.

Pitch articles to magazines. There is a magazine for practically everything, and many of them will pay you for your work. Search online for information about payment and where to send articles. Also look at several copies of the magazine to see if your article is a good fit.

Use indeed. Indeed allows you to load your resumé and then will notify you of jobs that fit your qualifications.

Find online platforms for writers. There are quite a few online sites that allow you to publish your work. Medium and News Break for example. There is also a site called Patreon where people can subscribe to your writing.

Create a blog. This is the fastest way to get your writing visible. Invite people on social media to follow you.

Create a Facebook page. You can create a Facebook page for your writing and invite people to like it.

Create a Pinterest page. Pinterest has a business option and you can make a board for your articles.

I hope this helps you to begin to make a writer’s footprint. The best way to have your work seen is to write consistently, and make it visible to the public.

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