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Mount Paran's Volleyball Team

Jennifer Bonn

The MPC Volleyball team keeps winning on their quest to a second straight title. The girl’s strong work ethic, Coach Chancy’s brilliant coaching, a group of outstanding athletes, and a fighting spirit, create a perfect storm against their opponents.

Last night’s game was a nail-biter as you can see from the picture of parent Syndi Kyle. Syndi’s daughter Emma is a senior on the team. The team beat Brookstone in five sets. Coach Chancy said, “The girls just refused to lose!” This win moves the team on to the final four when they play at noon at Perry High School on Saturday.

This team is full of strong female athletes, but their performance does not come easily. To be a standout in athletics takes a commitment of time and energy from the athletes, the coaches, and the parents. There are long hours of practice, sports clinics, clubs, and sometimes private coaches. All of the work involved can lead to a college scholarship and with soaring college costs, that scholarship can make all the difference. Coach Chancy says that being open to constructive criticism and feedback is key. She said, “We talk a lot about setting small goals constantly and being intentional about focusing on specific tasks, techniques, etc. to achieve larger goals.”

When I asked Coach Chancy why it was important for young ladies to compete at this level, this is what she said, “Sports are one of the best allegorical experiences for life. Competing at a high level teaches the benefits of hard work, commitment, leadership, and teamwork. Winning AND losing can teach humility. Committing to a high-level team teaches time management and discipline. Committing to excellence in sports teaches how to commit to excellence in relationships, work, and life in general.”

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Kennesaw, GA

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