Whistle using your fingers

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This Tik Tok video went viral, generating 40 million views, 23 million likes, 21,000+ comments, 640,000+ favorites, and nearly 40,000 social shares.

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It shows you how to whistle with your fingers.

Check it out:

@xxmontxx No matter how may tutorials I watched I’ve never been able to do this till now 😱. #whistle #2finger #fyp #newtrick #trending #hiddentalents ♬ original sound - Monte Chute

What's the viral video?

It shows person after person successfully whistling with their fingers.

Is it really that easy?

This is the loud, attention-grabbing whistle you might see some people do at a big event like a sports game or competition. You may have seen people do it to grab the attention of someone or hail a cab.

The video caption reads:

No matter how many tutorials I watched I've never been able to do this till now

How do you do this?

There are no verbal instructions in the video, just a visual demonstration. It appears you put two fingers from each hand into your mouth, resting on top of your tongue and then you blow. Three different people tried this tactic in the video and each of them successfully whistled, surprising themselves.

If you're curious to learn this, this article gives a step-by-step breakdown of the instructions to whistle with your fingers.

What commenters are saying?

"How do people not know how to whistle is beyond me"

"Who else put down their phone to try this?"

"I'm broken! It didn't work for me!!!!"

"Still can't do it"

"it worked then I couldn't do it again"

What do you think about this video?

Have you seen this viral TikTok video?

Is this a surprise to you to learn?

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