This video of Chester the Toucan went viral

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This viral TikTok video amassed over one million views in just 8 hours! It's stolen the internet's hearts gaining 148,000+ likes, over 9,000 favorites, and 11,000+ shares. The TikTok creator behind this viral video filmed a simple, short video of their pet toucan, and the internet went nuts.
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Here's the video:

Meet Chester the Toucan

This TikTok creator's account is dedicated to their pet toucan named Chester. If you imagine a toucan looking like what's on the cover of your favorite childhood cereal box, you'll be surprised to see what it looks like in real life.

While there are similarities between Chester and Toucan Sam, the mascot for Froot Loops, you may be surprised to see how much smaller toucans appear in real life.

What's in the video?

As Chester the Toucan has his beak stroked, he makes the sweetest whimpering sounds. It sounds like he's really enjoying the TLC his owner is giving as his owner says to him...'re a good boy..

Here's what commenters said:

"The happy honks.."

"I'm not a bird person but this one is precious"

"Where's the Froot Loops"

"The sheer bliss on his little face"

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