Evan Longoria stunt or did he save this woman's life with his bare hands?

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With over 240,000 likes and 3,100 comments, this Tik Tok video reached thousands of viewers. It shows baseball player Evan Longoria's quick action that could have saved this reporter's life. He did it with his bare hands.

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The video caption read: Are you making that catch?

This is the video:

What happened?

The video shows a reporter interviewing Evan Longoria. There's a baseball game or practice game going on in the background. A batter swings and you can see the ball coming straight for Longoria and the reporter.

He turns just in time as the ball comes hurling toward him and the reporter, catching the baseball with his bare hands.

His swift action just in the nick of time saved potential injury from happening to the reporter or himself.

Commenters reacted:

"That man has his game on! I've watched this a dozen times and it still amazes me!"

"I would've fallen in love after that..."

"Bro caught a baseball with his bare hands...nothing fake about it"

"The way she stands there...just shocked..that heading straight for her too!!"

Some commenters shared that this was a rehearsed skit for a Gillette commercial. It was covered here by CBS News and talked about by other media publications. Many are still unclear if this was a stunt or a real event.

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